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Open your Magician's Circle/Thunder Wheel by placing 8 stones or crystals into a circle around you with 1 in each direction beginning with 

North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest. 

In the middle of the circle place the offering sachet as your symbol of connecting to Midgard's/Mother Earth's energy.

Sit down, relax and light the included candle. Hold the sachet while chanting "Uruz" continuously while the candle burns. 

When the candle is done burning... 

...Remove the feather and put aside.

Place the sachet back into middle of your circle and pour water over it 3 times. (You can use a bowl underneath if you're indoors so you don't make a mess.)

Remove the stones/crystals one by one in the order you placed them to close your Magician's Circle/Thunder Wheel.

Bury the sachet into the Earth and release your intentions to the Universe by releasing the feather to the wind at this time.