🎭 Bitch about life until your heart is content with these 4, One Hour Sessions per month via Phone or Zoom!  Live Bitch Sessions can also include oracle and intutive readings if you desire. We can discuss whatever topics you need and I am happy to offer spiritual and emotional guideance and tools so you can implement the changes you truly desire!


These 1 house sessions are normally $85 each. Purchasing them here in advance, will save you $30!I am not a licensed therapist, but I have been to enough of them to know that there is still a lot of judgment in some of their offices. Drop all of that fear of judgment at the metaphorical "door" when you connect with me and let's figure out how to fix your shit together!


Thundra Staves Rangel 🎭


LEGAL DISCLAIMER You must be at least 18 years old to purchase. Any information provided by the reader is not to be substituted for legal, medical or professional advice. I am not a Doctor or a Professional Psychotherapist. All sales are final. No refunds.

Weekly Bitch Sessions